2024 FRC Taxonomy Suite

Published: 3 November 2023

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The 2024 Taxonomy Suite relates to the FRC’s Taxonomies: UK IFRS, FRS 101, FRS 102, UKSEF, and Charities and contains taxonomy documentation (supporting documents, key information sheets and release notes). The 2024 taxonomy Suite was released on 3 November 2023.

Users must also refer to the FRC Taxonomies Documentation and Guidance resources.

Download the 2024 FRC Taxonomy Suite

FRC Taxonomy Suite 2024

The 2024 FRC Taxonomy Suite includes Taxonomies for: UK IFRS, FRS 101, FRS 102, UKSEF, and Charities.

Name 2024 FRC Taxonomy Suite v1.0.0
Publication date 3 November 2023
Format ZIP, 4.7 MB
Name Charities Taxonomies 2024
Publication date 3 November 2023
Format ZIP, 1.3 MB

2024 Mapping Files

The mapping documents are designed to enable software houses to easily identify the changes. Four colours are used with red denoting a deletion, green an addition, yellow a change to an existing line, and orange to indicate deprecated items. Two new columns have been added to the start of each sheet to provide more information in relation to the change. The first column ‘Description of Change’ provides a brief but informative description of the nature of the changes. The second column ‘Ancestry Change’ indicates that a concept has moved within the current hierarchy.

2024 Mapping Files

Mapping documents detailing all the changes to the 2024 suite since the 2023 version.

Name Mapping: UK FRS 101 2024
Publication date 3 November 2023
Format XLSX, 990.6 KB
Name Mapping: UK FRS 102 2024
Publication date 3 November 2023
Format XLSX, 951.1 KB
Name Mapping: UK IFRS 2024
Publication date 3 November 2023
Format XLSX, 980.8 KB
Name Mapping: Charities 2024
Publication date 3 November 2023
Format XLSX, 1.1 MB

Who should use the 2024 Taxonomy Suite?

In principle, only two versions of the taxonomies should be in use by preparers and developers: the latest version and the penultimate version. This is to ensure that preparers comply with the full tagging requirement from HMRC.

The 2024 suite represents the latest version of the FRC Taxonomies and as such can be used to comply with HMRC requirements to fully tag. The suite has been designed with full tagging in mind. Accounts should be fully tagged, except for consolidated UKSEF data where regulations permit minimum tagging. Filers to HMRC and Companies House should use the most-up-to-date version where possible.

The Charity Accounts Taxonomy may be used by all charities preparing accounts in accordance with the Charities FRS 102 SORP and is mandatory for large charities with income over £6.5m filing with HMRC.

Key changes to the 2024 Taxonomy Suite

Tags have been updated and added to enable UKEB endorsed 2021 Narrow-scope amendments and Lease Liability in a Sale and Leaseback (Amendment to IFRS 16), and International Tax Reform—Pillar Two Model Rules (Proposed amendments to IAS 12)/Amendments to FRS 102.

  • SECR tags units have been updated to use ghgEmissionsItemType.
  • The Original and Revised Data dimension labels have been updated, and guidance tags created, to clarify the meaning of these terms in the taxonomy.
  • Recommendations on high quality disclosures of Expected Credit Losses have been digitised. Some pre-existing tags have been updated, and new tags have been created to enable preparers to tag with the granularity described in the recommendations.
  • The Charities extension has been updated.
  • The Irish extension has not been updated; there will not be a new Irish extension for 2024.

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