FRC Taxonomies

The FRC leads the UK’s cross-regulator project to digitise corporate reporting standards using XBRL. The taxonomies have been developed by a project team at the FRC with guidance from a Technical Task Force and under the oversight of a Governance Committee which includes staff from leading advisors, BEIS, HMRC, Companies House, FCA, Charity Commission and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, as well as the FRC. XBRL UK has also been involved.

Contact the FRC Taxonomies Team at [email protected].

About the FRC Taxonomies Project

Project Objectives and Principles, and Committee Membership

Current FRC Taxonomy Suites

Download the current FRC Taxonomy Suites and mapping files

FRC Taxonomies Documentation and Guidance

Download documentation and guidance for the FRC Taxonomy Suite and UKSEF taxonomy

Consultation drafts of FRC Taxonomy Suite

Download draft taxonomy suites and other materials

Historical FRC Taxonomy Suites

Historical Taxonomy Suites are provided for special use cases and academic research