Our Purpose

Published: 13 September 2023

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Pie chart showing the FRC purpose and values described in the text below

The FRC’s Purpose is to serve the public interest by setting high standards of corporate governance, reporting and audit and by holding to account those responsible for delivering them.

Our Values are to be Independent, Fair, Effective, and Influential and to demonstrate these by our supporting behaviours.



Be curious and appropriately challenging to gain the facts, context and understanding. Be respectful but also courageous to obtain the information that is needed and act upon it.


Ensure that relevant information is gathered and considered to support an objective decision-making process.

Have Integrity

Make principled straightforward and transparent decisions using the available information. Promote a culture that supports good governance, risk management and compliance.



Act in a responsible and sustainable way. Be an ambassador for the FRC.


Implement the proper balance of response, judgement and actions based upon the facts and mitigants of the matter.


Promote the strategy and priorities of the FRC to ensure robust standards of decision-making and delivery both internally and externally.



Make timely, practical, and balanced determinations, recognizing any wider implications. Resolve or escalate issues quickly and effectively.


Take personal responsibility for decisions and actions.


Work with others. Seek out and share information and experiences to improve outcomes. Seek feedback to improve personal contributions and provide feedback to others.


Technical and Thought leadership

Demonstrate the highest level of expertise in a particular field, area, or topic. Strive to be a subject matter expert and help others, internally and externally, to excel.


Drive change for the right reasons, adapt quickly and integrate new sustainable practices to maximise agility, productivity, engagement, and employee well-being.

Develop ourselves and Speak-up

Engage with development and learning opportunities. Share knowledge to up-skill colleagues and inform our stakeholders. Pro-actively challenge unacceptable behaviours, actions, and decisions. Support diversity and inclusion and support others that do the right thing.