Consultation drafts of FRC Taxonomy Suite

Published: 3 November 2023

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Although the public consultation for the 2024 FRC Taxonomy Suite has now closed, it is always possible to feedback on the published version of the Taoxnomy Suite via one of the following routes:

Draft UKSEF Conformance Suite

As part of the 2024 Taxonomy annual cycle, the FRC has created a Conformance Suite for the UKSEF taxonomy and its multiple target document approach. This is currently in its DRAFT stage and open to public consultation until 31 December 2023. It should be used and understood with reference to section 4 of the UKSEF Tagging Guide 2024, above. Comments and questions on the proposed tests and the supplied test files should be sent to [email protected].

The UKSEF Conformance Suite is the physical embodiment of the UKSEF filing requirements adopted and published by one or more regulators, in this case the FCA and Companies House. It is the "single source of the truth” in relation to the meaning and intention of UKSEF filing rules and should ensure universal consistency in the UKSEF filing regime, no matter the preparation application or the regulator. It is key to the smooth adoption and working of the regime.

The Suite is supplied as a (zipped) set of uniquely identified filing rules, abstracted from the filing guidelines or technical interface specifications of individual regulators. Each “rule” directory comprises one or more valid (“pass”) cases and one or more invalid (“fail”) cases, along with an XML file (“index.xml”) that describes the rule requirement and the expected outcomes for each test case. These XML files, and some other XML infrastructure, provide the means for automating the entire Suite. This is identical to the XML infrastructure for other conformance suites, such as the ESEF Conformance Suite provided by ESMA, and is intended to make use of the same automation tools.

A colour-coded spreadsheet accompanying the Suite describes each rule requirement, referencing the source document, and describes each test case (valid cases are highlighted in green, invalid cases in yellow). Again, this follows the convention adopted by the ESEF Conformance Suite. A second sheet in this spreadsheet workbook identifies the variations in the outcome of specific individual ESEF Conformance Suite tests that are expected when submitting UKSEF-conformant test cases to an ESEF-conformant system. For a consuming system that is applying both ESEF and UKSEF filing rules this will provide explanations for deviations from conformant ESEF filing behaviour when submitting the UKSEF Conformance Suite test cases. Developers of preparation applications should also note and make allowance for these variations when testing their own applications against regulator’s services.

Draft UKSEF Conformance Suite
Name Draft UKSEF Conformance Suite November 2023
Publication date 3 November 2023
Format ZIP, 522.4 KB