Taskforce on Disclosures about Expected Credit Losses (DECL) updated guidance

News types: Generic Announcement, Guidance

Published: 23 September 2022

The Taskforce on Disclosures about Expected Credit Losses (DECL) has published updated guidance on what good IFRS 9 Expected Credit Loss accounting (ECL) disclosures look like.

This third report comprises a comparison of preparers’ and users’ assessments of adoption of Taskforce recommendations, good practice disclosure examples, and other amendments to address gaps, deficiencies or to otherwise improve existing material.

The guidance is aimed primarily at the biggest UK-headquartered banks and building societies, but is also likely to be relevant to a much wider group of preparers.

The updated guidance can be viewed here 

A letter from the co-chairs can be viewed here 

The Taskforce's Press Release can be viewed here

A redlined version of the recommended disclosures showing changes from the second report can be found here

The Taskforce's first and second reports can be viewed here and here respectively.