2022 FRC Taxonomy Suite

Published: 3 November 2023

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The 2022 suite relates to the FRC’s Taxonomies: UK IFRS, FRS 101, FRS 102, UKSEF, Irish Extensions and Charities and contains taxonomy documentation (supporting documents, key information sheets and release notes). The 2022 suite of FRC Taxonomies was issued on 8 October 2021.

Download the 2022 FRC Taxonomy Suite

FRC Taxonomy Suite 2022

The 2022 FRC Taxonomy Suite includes Taxonomies for: UK IFRS, FRS 101, FRS 102, UKSEF, Irish Extensions and Charities.

Name 2022 FRC Taxonomy suite v1.0.0
Publication date 8 October 2021
Format ZIP, 4.4 MB
Name UKSEF v2.0 2022
Publication date 27 January 2022
Notes The UKSEF 2022 taxonomy must be used in conjunction with the 2022 UKSEF Tagging Guide v1.2.1, below.
Format ZIP, 542.5 KB
Name UKSEF Tagging Guide v1.2.1 2022
Publication date 4 April 2022
Format PDF, 767.9 KB
Name Charities Taxonomies 2022
Publication date 8 October 2021
Format ZIP, 1.2 MB
Name Irish Extension Taxonomy 2022
Publication date 8 October 2021
Format ZIP, 2.7 MB

2022 Mapping files

The mapping documents are designed to enable software houses to easily identify the changes. Four colours are used with red denoting a deletion, green an addition, yellow a change to an existing line, and orange to indicate deprecated items. Two new columns have been added to the start of each sheet to provide more information in relation to the change. The first column ‘Description of Change’ provides a brief but informative description of the nature of the changes. The second column ‘Ancestry Change’ indicates that a concept has moved within the current hierarchy.

2022 FRC Taxonomy Suite Mapping Files

Mapping documents detailing all the changes to the 2022 suite since the 2021 version.

Name Mapping: FRS 101 2022
Publication date 8 October 2021
Format XLSX, 1.1 MB
Name Mapping: FRS 102 2022
Publication date 8 October 2021
Format XLSX, 1.1 MB
Name Mapping: IFRS 2022
Publication date 8 October 2021
Format XLSX, 1.1 MB
Name Charities 2022
Publication date 8 October 2021
Format XLSX, 1.2 MB
Name Mapping: Ireland FRS 101 2022
Publication date 8 October 2021
Format XLSX, 872.7 KB
Name Mapping: Ireland FRS 102 2022
Publication date 8 October 2021
Format XLSX, 834.6 KB
Name Mapping: Ireland IFRS 2022
Publication date 8 October 2021
Format XLSX, 852.5 KB

Who should use the 2022 Taxonomy Suite?

In principle, only two versions of the taxonomies should be in use by preparers and developers: the latest version and the penultimate version. This is to ensure that preparers comply with the full tagging requirement from HMRC.

Versions of the full suite of FRC taxonomies for 2024 and 2023 were released on 3 November 2023 and 21 October 2022 respectively. All preparers should use those except for those specific circumstances that require the use of the 2022 Taxonomy Suite.

Key changes to the 2022 Taxonomy Suite

1. Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) and Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

The SECR taxonomy containing the TCFD disclosures has been incorporated into the main body of the FRC suite, as requested by software houses to facilitate the possibility of incorporating SECR tagging in products for tagging for accounting, so that more entities can be encouraged to take up supplying this information digitally. All items have migrated into the ‘direp’ (Directors’ Report) namespace when imported into the FRC suite.

The SECR and TCFD tags are now found in all the Directors’ Report section of the FRC Taxonomies, except for the Irish extensions and UKSEF.

With a view to embracing the ability to tag more detailed TCFD disclosures, even though they are not mandatory, the SECR Taxonomy has had its TCFD disclosures augmented to reflect expected enhanced disclosures from companies eager to provide information to investors. The original four reporting concepts have been made into headings with the greater detail contained in child tags relating to the headings.

2. UKSEF 2022

UKSEF 2022 v2.0.0 issued – 2 February 2022

The FRC issued UKSEF 2022 v2.0.0. This can be downloaded from this page.

UKSEF 2022 v2.0.0 includes the most recent, 2021 version of the ESEF taxonomy, as previously communicated in the v.1.0.0 October release. This was the only change between UKSEF 2022 v.2.0.0 and v.1.0.0.

UKSEF 2022 v1.0.0

The UKSEF imports the most up-to-date version of the ESEF and can be used with tags from the rest of the FRC taxonomies suite (including tags for the Directors Report, SECR and TCFD disclosures) for UK reporting purposes to Companies House and FCA. It is a UK version of the ESEF Taxonomy and overseas entities wishing to file with Companies House need to use the UKSEF to file, since it makes available the extra tags needed to file in the UK. Companies filing to the FCA can also use the UKSEF (also see the FRC and FCA joint letter to CEOs on structured reporting).

The 2022 version of the UKSEF is more flexible and interchangeable with the other taxonomies in the FRC suite and, a different architecture allows for any future changes that may need to be made to the UKSEF, depending on future UK legislative changes and requirements.

A UKSEF guide for taggers and developers is available. The guide provides helpful guidance in relation to developing products for filing in the UK with the UKSEF and for those tagging with the UKSEF. This guide is necessary, since the ESEF rules and guidance are not aimed at UK filers and taggers.

3. Welsh language support

The FRC taxonomies now support a Welsh label linkbase, to enable those that wish to browse the taxonomies and/or report in the Welsh language to be able to do so.

4. HMRC’s Detailed Profit & Loss (DPL)

HMRC’s Detailed Profit & Loss (DPL) taxonomy extension is now part of the Directors’ Report.

  • The DPL has been incorporated as a section within each of the current entry points, not separately as its own entry point.
  • An additional concept has been added (for the UK only) for declaring that one has included a DPL statement.

5. Digital enabling of Gender Pay Gap reporting

Tags for Gender Pay Gap reporting have been included in the Directors Report for those who wish to tag these concepts.

6. Digital enabling of Academy reporting

The charitable status of Academy Trusts is that they are charitable companies but are exempt from registration with CCEW. The Department for Education (DfE) is Principal Regulator.

Academies report as charities under the Charities SORP (FRS102), and the Charity Commission is supportive of a tag for Academies to be inserted in the Charity Accounts Taxonomy to enable Academies to be able to digitally report.

An ‘Academy trust’ is the member name for Legal Form of Entity dimension and it has been placed high up in the Charities hierarchy so that it is obvious to an Academy to select the tag.

7. Update to Charity Accounts Taxonomy

An updated version of the Charity taxonomy was included in this release for the electronic tagging of charity accounts to support the Charity Commission (CCEW) objectives of enhancing the quality and accessibility of financial reporting for Charities in the UK and Northern Ireland. Those reporters not early adopting the amended FRS 102 standard who wish to continue to report using the previous version of the charity taxonomies, may continue to do so. The iXBRL accounts tagging convention (Charity “taxonomy”) has been updated in line with the Charities SORP (FRS 102) and the FRC’s financial reporting standard FRS 102.

8. Update to Irish Extension Taxonomy

An updated version of the Irish Extension was included in this release for the electronic tagging of Irish accounts to support the Irish Revenue Commissioners’ requirement for iXBRL financial statements as part of the Corporation Tax return. The Irish extension aims to bridge the financial reporting differences between the UK and Ireland and users are invited to contact [email protected] if they note any issues with the extension. In addition, the extension includes the Detailed Profit and Loss within each of the entry points for FRS 101, FRS 102 and EU IFRS, which will allow users to tag a Detailed Profit and Loss account and provide values for the mandatory items required in submissions to the Irish Revenue Commissioners.

The Irish Revenue Commissioners expect to accept submissions using the Irish extension from 1 April 2022. The Irish Revenue Commissioners’ will update their iXBRL page to reflect this in due course.