About the FRC Making complaints or referrals to the FRC

Making complaints or referrals to the FRC

We have updated our complaints & referrals processes, below.

Please read the dropdown sections below, to find out more about the types of complaints we can review and our processes for doing so.

Please use our online form to submit your complaint or referral - the link appears below. 

Referrals from the public can be an important source of information to the FRC. If you think that your complaint falls within one of our areas of responsibility listed below, or you would like to complain about how we have performed our responsibilities, please fill in our online complaints submission form
We will inform you whether your complaint is a matter which the FRC can consider, and in what way, or we will guide you to an alternative body to which to direct your complaint, if appropriate.
The areas which we can consider are set out below. Our responsibilities in these areas are varied: some are statutory, and we may only be able to take action as permitted by relevant legislation. Others are non-statutory or voluntary arrangements and there may be limitations on what types of complaints we can review.

Before submitting your complaint, please click on each link for more information about how, and the extent to which, we can review complaints in that area.
The UK’s regulatory framework is complex and involves many organisations with relevant but different responsibilities in the same areas.
Read the list of other organisations which may be able to assist with your complaint.
If you are unsure if the FRC will be able to deal with your complaint, you can email us at complaints@frc.org.uk We usually ask complainants to submit an online complaints form so we may ask you to fill this out or to provide further specific information to help us decide if we  can  look into your complaint further.
You can make a complaint by filling in our online complaint form.
If you submit your complaint through the online form you will receive an automatic acknowledgement.

We will then contact you within 5 working days to let you know whether we think the issues you have raised can or should be reviewed by the FRC. If we do not consider that your complaint is a matter that the FRC can review, we will write to you and explain why this is.

If we can, we will suggest other organisations that may be able to help you in addition to or instead of the FRC.
Dealing with unreasonable,  persistent or repetitive complaints can place strain on our resources and can be stressful for staff. To ensure that our complaints handling resources are appropriately directed we have a policy here and may limit or stop correspondence with complainants who we consider to be unreasonable, persistent, repetitive or vexatious.