Complaints about a professional accountancy or actuarial body

Published: 25 September 2023

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Find out about our processes and how to make a complaint about a professional accountancy or actuarial body.

How do I complain about a professional accountancy or actuarial body (including Recognised Supervisory Bodies)?

You should complain to the relevant body first.

If you are not satisfied with their response you can fill in our complaint form.

What will the FRC review?

Complaint reviews will focus on whether the body has followed its own policies and procedures when investigating a complaint made to it.

What will the FRC not review?

  • Complaints not referred to the relevant body
  • Ongoing matters with the relevant body
  • Matters that our Professional Bodies Supervision Team have already investigated
  • Complaints about decisions reached by the bodies, we are not an avenue of appeal

We cannot require bodies to overturn decisions or take any other actions but can make recommendations to them about process.

What might the FRC decline or defer review of?

Complaints that would be more appropriately dealt with in another way e.g. referral to another body, a tribunal or the courts.

What action can the FRC take?

If a body has failed to follow its own policies and procedures, we can make recommendations on how they could improve. We expect bodies to consider these carefully and either implement recommendations in a reasonable timeframe or give reasons for not doing so.

Is there a time limit for complaining?

Complaints should be submitted within 12 months of the conduct or matter that you wish to be reviewed, or within 12 months of you reasonably becoming aware of it.

If 12 months have passed, we will ask you to explain why we should look into it and why you did not make a complaint earlier.

What happens to my complaint?

We will contact you within 5 working days to tell you if your complaint can or should be reviewed by the FRC. If not, we will explain why.

If it is something we can look into, it will be passed to our Professional Bodies Supervision Team who will acknowledge your complaint in 5 working days after it has been passed to them and may ask for further information. The Team will review your complaint and aim to send a full response within 6 weeks of confirming the details of your complaint.

If for any reason they are unable to respond within this time they will (i) let you know, and (ii) provide updates at periodic intervals.

What if I disagree with your response?

You can contact the member of staff who has been handling your complaint who may be able resolve any concerns.

If you remain unhappy, you can fill in our complaints form.

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