Making complaints or referrals to the FRC (overview)

Published: 1 October 2023

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We receive complaints from members of the public, customers, investors and other interested parties, and you can find out more about the types of complaints we can review and how we investigate them below.

You can also use our online form to submit your complaint or referral.

If you ask for your concern to be treated in confidence, the FRC will seek to protect your identity from the organisation you are reporting and, where possible, only disclose your identity with your consent.

What types of complaints can the FRC review?

Referrals from the public and investors can be an important source of information for the FRC. If you think your complaint falls within our remit, or you would like to complain about how we performed our role, please fill in our complaints form.

We will tell you if your complaint is something that we can look into or we will guide you to an alternative body if appropriate.

Before submitting your complaint, please click on each link for more information on whether we can review your concerns:

Other Organisations that might be able to help

The UK’s regulatory framework is complex involving many organisations with different responsibilities.

Read the list of other organisations which may be able to help.

If your complaint relates to a personal dispute regarding a financial product, provided by a company regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, it may be more appropriate for your complaint to be dealt with by a body such as the Financial Ombudsman Service.

More details about the work of the Financial Ombudsman Service

If you don’t know if the FRC can deal with your complaint, you can email us at [email protected] and if we are able to look into it, we will ask you to complete our complaints form.

Allegations of money laundering, bribery and corruption

Generally the FRC is not the appropriate agency to investigate allegations of money laundering, bribery and corruption. If your complaint involves allegations of money laundering, bribery and corruption, there might be other agencies that are better placed with expertise and jurisdiction to investigate your concerns. Please consider whether the following agencies are more appropriate to contact:

Please note, we are not responsible for the content of external sites and it is the discretion of these agencies on what matters they choose to investigate.

How do I complain about the FRC?

By filling in our complaints form.

What happens next?

We will contact you within 5 working days to tell you if your complaint can or should be reviewed by the FRC. If not, we will explain why.

Quality Standards

When handling your complaint, we make the following commitments:

  • To review the information you have provided and make an impartial decision regarding your complaint
  • To explain if your issues do not fall within our remit and if possible, advise of any other organisations who may be able to help
  • If your concerns are within our remit we will explain in plain English what to expect with the next steps of your complaint, our timescales, and how we do our work
  • To treat the information you have given us confidentially
  • To treat you with courtesy and respect.

What we expect from you when you complain to us:

  • To treat our staff with courtesy and respect
  • To give us any information we ask for in a reasonable timeframe
  • To understand that your concerns may not fall within our remit and that we may not be able to give you the outcome you are looking for
  • To understand that applicable legislation may limit the amount of information we give you with regard to the outcome of our work

FRC Unreasonable Complaints and Communications Policy

Dealing with unreasonable, persistent or repetitive complaints can place strain on our resources, therefore, we have a policy and may limit or stop communicating with complainants we consider to be unreasonable, persistent, repetitive or vexatious.