Current Projects

The Financial Reporting Lab (Lab) has the following major projects underway at the moment:

  • Beginning the digital journey: an early implementation study of DTR 4.1.14 - Companies admitted to trading on UK regulated markets are required to start producing their 2021 annual financial reports in a structured electronic format. The FCA introduced this requirement (DTR 4.1.14) as part of the UK implementation of a cross-EU initiative known as ‘ESEF’ (European Single Electronic Format).  
    The Lab is reviewing a set of early filings and is speaking to companies, service providers and other stakeholders to learn from their first experiences. In September 2021, we published the results of a survey on this topic, as well as a list of resources for companies. We plan to publish a best practice report in autumn with the aim of helping companies improve the quality of their filings.  

    Are you happy to share your experience implementing the structured electronic reporting requirements with the Lab? Then please get in touch with Karlien Conings and Thomas Toomse-Smith via
  • Cyber, Digital and Data risk - As part of the Lab’s recent project on reporting on risks, uncertainties, opportunities and scenarios, we found that companies face increasingly complex risks around digital processes, systems and data. The increase in risk is driven by changing business models, increased use of data, and the COVID-19-accelerated digital transformation of operations.
    Following the publication on the report, the Lab is inviting companies, investors and interested parties to participate in a new project that seeks to understand the specific process and disclosure areas emerging around Cyber, Digital & Data risk. This project will consider how company processes are changing and how that is, or might, translate into useful external disclosures. 

    If you are interested in taking part in this project, please contact Andrew Hyland via