Current Projects

The Financial Reporting Lab (Lab) has two major projects underway; they have made the following progress on their initiatives:
  • Climate and Workforce reporting – The Lab’s report on climate-related corporate reporting was released in October 2019. The report on workforce-related corporate reporting was released in January 2020. These reports look at how companies might meet the needs of investors on the reporting of climate and workforce and provides a wealth of examples of developing reporting practice. In 2020, the Lab will be identifying best practice reporting on both of these issues, so if you have a particular interest in these reporting areas,  please contact Hannah Armitage at
  • Digital Future: Structured experience - Following our recent report on AI (PDF), and the blockchain, (PDF) the next phase of the Digital Future project is looking at the impact of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Video on the preparation and use of corporate reporting.  If you have a particular interest in this project, please contact Thomas Toomes-Smith via