Current Projects

The Financial Reporting Lab (Lab) has the following major projects underway at the moment:

Digital Security Risk Disclosure - The Lab has released its report relating to    Digital Security Risk Disclosure. This project was undertaken after the Lab identified this an area of challenge during the Lab's 2021 project on reporting on risks, uncertainties, opportunities and scenarios

If you have any comments relating to this report, please contact Andrew Hyland via

ESG data production - As explained in the FRC’s ESG statement of intent, one of the challenges around ESG disclosures is that the systems to produce, distribute and consume ESG data are significantly less mature than those for financial information.
In this context, the Lab is inviting companies, service and systems providers, investors and other interested parties to participate in a new project looking at how companies produce ESG data. Contact the Lab at if you are interested in taking part.

Net Zero disclosures - As part of global efforts to combat climate change, companies are increasingly making net zero commitments. Interest in disclosures on these plans is growing. As explained in the FRC’s ESG statement of intent, reporting is often aspirational and high level, and does not provide users with information about progress and whether the entity’s strategy will deliver the commitment.

In this context, the Lab is starting a project about how information on net zero commitments is reported on by companies and used by investors. Contact the Lab at if you are interested in taking part.

Structured reporting: driving up quality - Many companies have now published their first annual financial reports in a structured electronic format (ESEF/UKSEF). The FRC Lab is gathering feedback to understand what went well and what can be improved. We will also be reviewing data quality in a sample of filings.
If you are interested in sharing your experience – for example as a preparer or service provider – please contact us at