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Published: 26 September 2023

1 minute read

Business model-focused reporting

Information about a company’s business model is a key starting point to investors’ consideration of a company and its performance. As companies are faced with growing macroeconomic and geopolitical challenges, their agility and ability to respond to market needs are vital to their viability and resilience. Companies’ reporting of the current business model and its evolution will assist stakeholders to better assess their sustainability, viability and resilience.

The Lab has carried out projects on business model reporting in the past, but this project will look at how business model reporting has evolved, including how it is described, how the business model is used as a driver for other disclosures across the annual report and accounts and how it can provide the most useful information for stakeholders.

The scope of this project will be determined in conjunction with participants.

The Lab invites companies, investors and other parties to communicate their interest in participating by emailing [email protected].