Auditors Enforcement Division Case Examination and Enquiries

Case Examination and Enquiries

Case Examination and Enquiries (“CEE”) identify cases which may fall within the remit of one or more of the FRC’s disciplinary schemes (the Audit Enforcement Procedure (“AEP”), the Accountancy Scheme and the Actuarial Scheme). Potential cases are identified from:

  • intelligence gathering activities;
  • referral from other teams within the FRC;
  • referral from other regulators and professional bodies;
  • complaints from members of the public.

CEE then examine the circumstances of the case and make a decision on the appropriate next steps which may include:

  • referral to the FRC’s Conduct Committee to decide if the case should be investigated;
  • resolution of AEP audit-related case by Constructive Engagement;
  • referral to another team within the FRC or another regulator or professional body;
  • no further action.

The Head of CEE also acts as the Case Examiner for cases which fall under the AEP.

The Case Examiner’s main responsibilities under the AEP are to decide:

  • if there is question as to whether there has been a breach of a Relevant Requirement under the AEP;
  • whether the matter is appropriate to be dealt with by Constructive Engagement or whether it should be referred to the FRC’s Conduct Committee to consider an investigation.

The Case Examiner’s work is conducted in accordance with guidance (PDF) issued by the Conduct Committee.

Concluded Cases

Cases concluded by the FRC either at the end of the investigation or following disciplinary proceedings