Audit Firm Resources

This resource hub brings together publications, guidance and initiatives to support audit firms with smaller public interest entities (PIE) portfolio for continuous audit quality improvement as they grow in the PIE audit market.

Audit Firm Resources (overview)

In our role as an improvement regulator, we have introduced an audit firm resource hub to provide firms with an easier access to our audit-related publications on a wide range of topics.

Audit Thematic Reviews

We conduct audit thematic reviews to look at firms’ policies and procedures in a specific area to make comparisons between firms, identify areas of common weakness and share good practice.

Audit Firm Culture and Conduct

We undertake review work to assess and monitor various aspects of audit culture at the firms, including ethical conduct matters, with a specific focus on the behaviours and mindset that correlate to high-quality audit.

Audit Firm Operational Resilience

We assess and monitor various aspects of firms’ operating models, risk management frameworks, crisis and contingency planning, liquidity and access to credit and adequacy of the firms’ professional indemnity insurance coverage.