Auditors Audit and Assurance

Audit and Assurance

Standards and Guidance

The team develops and maintains auditing and assurance standards and guidance for engagements that are performed in the public interest within the United Kingdom. This includes:

  • Standards and guidance for auditors;

  • Standards and guidance for reviews of interim financial information performed by the auditor of the entity;

  • Standards and guidance for the work of reporting accountants in connection with investment circulars;

  • The FRC Ethical standard and guidance for auditors’ integrity, objectivity and independence;

  • Guidance for the provision of assurance on client assets; and

  • Statements that set out its views on particular matters of relevance to audit and other assurance engagements; 


The team monitors and seeks to influence, as appropriate, international standards and guidance and policy developments that may affect audit and assurance services in the UK; and


We undertake and commission research on matters of relevance to audit and other assurance engagements that are performed in the public interest.

The Audit & Assurance team also contributes to the FRC’s influencing and Research activities.

The Audit and Assurance team seeks to ensure that the FRC point of view is appropriately considered by the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB), through actively participating in the development of the IAASB’s international standards and guidance that are relevant to the FRC’s remit. The IAASB issues the International Standards on Auditing that provide the basis for the FRC’s International Standards on Auditing (UK).