Competition Policy

Published: 7 February 2024

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We develop policy to ensure a well-functioning audit market that consistently delivers high quality audits and is resilient.

Our work supports the FRC’s strategic objectives for 2023-26 which include to ‘create a more resilient market through greater competition and choice’.

We have published two papers setting out our view on how competition is developing in the audit market, our approach to competition and the work we are doing.

Name Audit market and competition developments - a snapshot
Publication date 14 December 2023
Format PDF, 621.8 KB
Name Competition in the audit market
Publication date 1 December 2022
Format PDF, 6.0 MB

Other recent publications include a short paper highlighting the system-wide barriers to entry and growth in the PIE and non-PIE audit markets and how we need a system-wide response to address these; and a report providing greater detail on the views of firms with respect to these barriers.

Name Barriers to entry and growth in the audit market
Publication date 1 February 2024
Type Information sheet
Format PDF, 370.9 KB
Name Views of firms on entry growth and exit in the markets for smaller PIE audits and non-PIE audits
Publication date 1 February 2024
Type Report
Format PDF, 1.2 MB