About the FRC Women in Finance Charter

Women in Finance Charter

The FRC became a signatory to Women in Finance Charter in 2018 which requires member organisations to set targets on female representation which for the FRC was a minimum of 33% of women in senior management, Executive and Board level positions.

Being a signatory to the Charter is also part of our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion at the FRC and addressing the under representation of women and colleagues from minority ethnic background in our leadership positions.

The results from our latest charter submission show that the FRC has made significant progress with 55% of women in senior leadership roles, 57% of women at the Executive Committee (ExCo) and 38% of women on the FRC Board.
We continue to work towards meeting all targets and progressed will be monitored through our Diversity and inclusion Committee meetings.

The Women in Finance Charter - Annual Form 2021 is available here

The Gender Pay Gap reports are available here