About the FRC FRC Structure

FRC Structure

The FRC is governed by its Board. Board members are appointed by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

The Board is then supported by, and delegates some of its responsibilities to, its two governance committees and two business committees. There are plans to establish a third business committee, the Supervision Committee, later in 2021.

The business committees and the Executive are supported by non-executive Senior Advisors and members of the Advisory Panel.

The Governance Committees

The Business Committees

Advisory Groups

A group of non-executive Senior Advisors and an Advisory Panel of non-executive subject specialists provide support to both the Executive and the business Committees as required. Senior Advisors attend business Committee meetings as non-voting members.

Panels and Committees maintained for Enforcement matters

The following bodies are maintained pursuant to the Conduct Committee Operating procedures, the FRC’s Disciplinary Schemes and the Audit Enforcement Procedure. They are independent of the FRC's governance structure.

Appointment Committee (who appoint members to the Tribunal Panel)
Tribunal Panel
Enforcement Committee Panel