Non-Executive appointments

Published: 2 October 2023

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The FRC recognises the importance of seeking, listening to and actively considering the views of its external stakeholders when developing its approach and work plans or taking decisions that impact them.

Our Board, Committees and executive teams have access to independent, highly experienced and skilled advisors who provide value insights and technical input to support the FRC’s work.

We also maintain independent decision-making Panels under our enforcement procedures.

The Appointments Committee

The Appointment Committee oversees the appointments and reappointment of members of the independent Tribunal Panel, from which Tribunals are formed. It reviews applications, conducts interviews and appoints the best candidates based objectively on the enforcement procedures’ criteria and the candidate’s qualities, independence, qualifications and experience. The Appointment Committee is independent to the FRC

Enforcement Committee Panel roles

The Enforcement Committee undertakes functions conferred to it under the Crown Dependencies Recognised Auditor Regulatory Sanctions Procedure, the Auditor Regulatory Sanctions Procedure (“ARSP”) and the Auditor General Disciplinary Rules.

This includes considering referrals made to it under those procedures, considering written documentation and representations placed before it and taking decisions on next steps.

All Enforcement Committee roles are currently filled.

Tribunal Panel members

For information on the Tribunal Panels please visit the Tribunal Panel webpage.

Tribunal Panel member job information pack (non-role specific)

All Tribunal Panel roles are currently filled.

Convener and Tribunal Secretary

The Convener & Tribunal Secretary is a role formally provided for under the FRC's enforcement procedures.

The FRC's Conduct Committee wishes to appoint a lawyer, a law firm or other professional services firm to deliver this role and intends to launch a tender exercise in early 2024. Those submitting a tender should have relevant experience and knowledge, be able to provide continuity of service and should be able to draw on their own established administrative, and IT support and facilities.

Convener & Tribunal Secretary job description


If you have any questions regarding any of the roles above please contact the governance team on [email protected]