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The FRC comments on key issues affecting stakeholders and society, and highlights aspects of its own work to shine a light on the work of the UK's audit, accountancy and actuarial regulator.

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PODCAST: Investment stewardship – What’s new in 2022? (8 December 2021)

VIDEO: FRC Lab webinar: How to prepare for structured reporting this year-end (7 December 2021)

VIDEO: Annual Review of Corporate Reporting Webinar (10 November 2021)

VIDEO: FRC Webinar to discuss key findings of recent Corporate Reporting Reviews (20 October 2021)

VIDEO: FRC/IASB Webinar: Management Commentary (14 October 2021)

VIDEO: FRC’s consultation on proposals to update and strengthen the Audit Firm Governance Code Webinar (12 October 2021)

PODCAST: Proposals to strengthen the UK’s Audit Firm Governance Code (23 September 2021)

VIDEO: FRC Periodic Review of FRS 102 Webinar (13 September 2021)

PODCAST: FRC lists successful signatories to the UK Stewardship Code (6 September 2021)

PODCAST: What do investors want to understand about risks, uncertainties, opportunities and scenarios? (2 September 2021)

PODCAST: Periodic review of FRS 102 (5 August 2021)

VIDEO: Board Diversity and Effectiveness in FTSE 350 Companies Webinar (21 July 2021)

VIDEO: Understanding Assurance (5 July 2021)

VIDEO: FRC Conference - Audit firm culture, audit quality and the role of the regulator (25 June 2021)

FRC Conference - Embedding and measuring organisational culture​ (24 June 2021)

​VIDEO: FRC Conference - Developing a mindset of professional scepticism and challenge (23 June 2021)

​VIDEO: FRC Conference - The role of the audit committee (22 June 2021)

VIDEO: FRC Conference - Building an audit firm culture that supports high quality audit (21 June 2021)

VIDEO: Review of Interim Reporting Webinar (16 June 2021)

VIDEO: Workforce Engagement Webinar (10 June 2021)

VIDEOCAST: The FRC and University of Portsmouth joint research on Board remuneration (17 May 2021)

VIDEO: Actuarial Regulatory Reform Webinar (12 May 2021)

PODCAST: Actuarial reform proposals in BEIS' consultation (28 April 2021)

VIDEO: Regulatory Framework Webinar (22 April 2021)

PODCAST: Regulatory framework proposals included in BEIS’s consultation (21 April 2021)

VIDEO: Supervision Werbinar (21 April 2021)

VIDEO: Audit Scope Webinar (15 April 2021)

VIDEO: Quality and Competition in the Audit Market Webinar (13 April 2021)

PODCAST: Audit proposals included in the Government’s consultation (8 April 2021)

VIDEO: Enforcement Webinar (8 April 2021)

PODCAST: BEIS Consultation and proposals to improve quality and competition in audit (7 April 2021)

VIDEO: Corporate Reporting and Governance Webinar (7 April 2021)

PODCAST: Enforcement proposals in BEIS’s restoring trust in audit and corporate governance consultation (1 April 2021)

PODCAST: Corporate Governance proposals in BEIS’s restoring trust in audit and corporate governance consultation (31 March 2021)

PODCAST: Restoring trust in audit and corporate governance (22 March 2021)

PODCAST: In Conversation on the FRC’s new approach to audit supervision (2 March 2021)

VIDEO: LGBT+ History Month - FRC Webinar with Opening Doors London (10 February 2021)

VIDEO: Revision of Quality Management Standards for UK Audit Firms Webinar (4 February 2021)

PODCAST: In conversation with... Deepa Raval and Jen Sisson on the FRC's Future of Corporate Reporting project (27 January 2021)

VIDEO: Using Technology To Enhance Audit Quality Webinar (14 January 2021)

PODCAST: Reflections on 2020, from the FRC Lab (7 January 2021)

VIDEO: FRC - BEIS EU Exit Webinar (3 December 2020)

VIDEO: Consultation of Fraud Auditing Standards (ISA (UK) 240) Webinar (30 November 2020)

PODCAST: In conversation with... David Styles and Maureen Beresford on corporate governance reporting

PODCAST: In Conversation with... Hannah Armitage and Julia Morris on climate change and aidit

PODCAST: In conversation with ... Hannah Armitage and Jen Sisson on the FRC's Climate Thematic Review

PODCAST: In Conversation with Hannah Armitage and Janet Lucke on climate change reporting

VIDEO: Annual Review of the UK Corporate Governance Code (22 January 2020)

VIDEO: The Risk Coalition - Raising the Bar (4 December 2019)

VIDEO: Developments in Audit: highlights (5 November 2019)

PODCAST: In conversation with... Jen Sisson and Claudia Chapman on the strengthened Stewardship Code (4 November 2019)

VIDEO: Annual Review of Corporate Reporting: highlights (1 November 2019)

VIDEO: Year-end advice letter to preparers of accounts (31 October 2019)

VIDEO: UK Stewardship Code 2020 (24 October 2019)

PODCAST: In conversation with ... Jo Morgan and Mark Mainwaring on the latest Audit Quality Review inspection results (7 August 2019) 

VIDEO: Diversity is not just a female issue event (11 July 2019)

VIDEO: Women in Finance: Sponsorship and Mentoring (8 April 2019)

VIDEO: Financial Reporting Lab/ICAS event - Reporting of Performance (19 March 2019)

VIDEO: Public Meeting 2019 (5 March 2019)

VIDEO: The Wates Corporate Governance Principles for Large Private Companies (12 December 2018)

VIDEO: Audit Committee Seminar (5 November 2018)

VIDEO: Developments in Audit (24 October 2018)

VIDEOS: Benchmarking Diversity and Inclusion Reporting in the UK's Top Companies (22 October 2018)

                Interviews - panellists and audience members 

VIDEO: Corporate Governance: Fit for the Future? (9 August 2018)

PODCAST: In conversation with... Catherine Horton and David Styles on the revised UK Corporate Governance Code 2018 (16 July 2018)

VIDEO: The FRC's Enforcement Process (12 July 2018)

VIDEO: The Wates Corporate Governance Priniciples for Large Private Companies (13 June 2018)

PODCAST: In conversation with... Jen Sisson on the new FRC investor advisory group (18 April 2018)

VIDEO: Lifting the lid on the Financial Reporting Lab (10 April 2018)

PODCAST: In conversation with... Claire Lindridge, Audit Quality Review - FRC to enhance audit monitoring (10 April 2018)

VIDEO: Diversity at the FRC (8 March 2018)

PODCAST: In conversation with… David Styles, Director of Corporate Governance, FRC (6 March 2018)