News November 2021 UK Corporate Governance Code reporting improves but more is required to strengthen company reporting

UK Corporate Governance Code reporting improves but more is required to strengthen company reporting

25 November 2021
The Annual Review of Corporate Governance published today by the Financial Reporting Council found that there was a general improvement in reporting against the UK Corporate Governance Code. The report highlights areas of high-quality reporting, however, there is still room for further improvement in areas such as substantive disclosures on Board appointments, succession planning and diversity. The report also found that more focus on reporting the effectiveness of internal control and risk management systems would enhance the level of confidence in the company’s control framework.   
There continues to be a need for greater clarity as to how a company is applying the Code’s principles as well as clearer explanations where there are departures from the Code so that shareholders and stakeholders have greater confidence of the quality of governance. 
The review highlights, now more than ever, the continuing need for high quality governance which is linked to effective decision-making by company’s Boards and management. The Government’s audit and corporate governance reform proposals Restoring Trust in Audit and Corporate Governance is an important next step in ensuring that all stakeholders can rely on high quality corporate governance in the UK. 
 Sir Jon Thompson CEO of the FRC said:  

‘The best governance reporting offers transparency that goes beyond broad-brush declarations and sets out clearly and concisely how the Principles of the Code were applied and the nature of compliance with the Provisions of the Code. This supports public confidence in business’ 
As we emerge from the pandemic, companies should use this report’s examples of good corporate governance policies and reporting to deliver long term benefits for the company for all its stakeholders, the economy and society as a whole’ 

David Styles, Director of Corporate Governance and Stewardship and Maureen Beresford, Head of Corporate Governance explore the key themes of this years review with Lindsey Stewart, Head of Stakeholder Engagement, in this podcast here.