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15 October 2018
The Financial Reporting Council’s (FRC) Annual Report for 2017/18 highlights priority projects delivered and actions undertaken by the FRC in pursuit of its mission to promote transparency and integrity in business.
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10 October 2018
An intern with the Financial Reporting Council's Financial Reporting Lab, spent the day learning about XBRL
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9 October 2018
Following the Competition and Markets Authority's launch of its review of the audit sector, an FRC spokesperson said:   “We have expressed concern about concentration at the top of the audit market so we welcome this announcement.   “We will work closely with the Competiti...
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8 October 2018
The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has today announced a strategic programme of work to ensure audit better serves the public interest.  This programme encompasses work on auditor independence, audit quality, the future needs of investors and corporate viability.
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1 October 2018
The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has made amendments to the suite of taxonomies last issued in December 2017.
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28 September 2018
FRC publishes a list of companies whose Report and Accounts have been reviewed - published in September 2018
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19 September 2018
A hearing of the Disciplinary Tribunal of the Financial Reporting Council ("FRC") will commence on Tuesday 16 October 2018 at 10.00 am to consider a Formal Complaint against (1) Douglas Morgan, a former finance director of Equity Syndicate Management Limited ("ESML") and a mem...
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19 September 2018
The Financial Reporting Council (“FRC”) announces that KPMG Audit Plc (“KPMG”) and Richard Hinton (a partner) have admitted Misconduct under the FRC’s Accountancy Scheme in relation to their reports to the FCA on compliance by The Bank of New York Mellon (International) Limite...
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17 September 2018
The majority of the UK’s largest companies have adopted policies on boardroom diversity but their reporting to stakeholders needs to improve. Research conducted for the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) by the University of Exeter Business School shows that only 15% of FTSE100...
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12 September 2018
The Financial Reporting Lab (the Lab) is inviting investors and companies to participate in a new project on the disclosure of climate change and workforce information.
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