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23 November 2018
The Financial Reporting Council's (FRC) Financial Reporting Lab has released its quarter 3-4 newsletter.
News - Financial Reporting
22 November 2018
The Financial Reporting Council’s (FRC) Executive Counsel has delivered a disciplinary Formal Complaint, under the Accountancy Scheme, against KPMG LLP and one of its partners, David Costley-Wood (the Respondents), a member firm and member respectively of the ICAEW.
News - Discipline
21 November 2018
The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has commenced an investigation into the audit by Grant Thornton UK LLP (GT) of the financial statements of Patisserie Holdings Plc for the years ended 30 September 2015, 2016 and 2017. The investigation will be conducted under the Audit En...
News - Discipline
20 November 2018
The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) is consulting with stakeholders to determine how effective the changes to ethical and auditing standards in 2016 have been in delivering high quality audit, and whether further steps are now needed to strengthen auditor independence, reduc...
News - Auditing
19 November 2018
The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) announces new appointments to the Actuarial and Audit & Assurance Councils.
News - Actuarial - Auditing
15 November 2018
The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) will, in 2019/20, supplement its routine AQR monitoring programme with two thematic reviews. These thematic reviews, which focus on aspects of audit practice across a number of firms to identify both scope for improvement and good practice...
News - Auditing - Corporate Reporting
13 November 2018
Responding to the 2018 report from the Hampton Alexander Review, Tracy Vegro, Executive Director Strategy & Resources at the FRC said:   “We welcome the progress that has been made on diversity in British boardrooms but the pace at which FTSE 350 Boards need to appoint more ...
News - Corporate Governance
8 November 2018
Consultation: Actuarial Statement of Recommended Practice 1: Financial Analysis of Social Security Programmes
News - Actuarial - Risk
7 November 2018
The Financial Reporting Lab (The Lab) has published guidance for companies on the presentation of performance metrics in their reporting following calls for clarity from investors.
News - Corporate Reporting
6 November 2018
Smaller companies should provide more specific disclosures of significant accounting judgements and more quantitative information on key sources of estimation uncertainty according to a new report by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC), reporting by smaller listed and AIM qu...
News - Corporate Reporting