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15 October 2020
With COVID-19 continuing to impact us all, many companies are facing a challenging year-end. While the uncertainty creates risks for annual reporting it also presents opportunities. Today the Lab releases two short guides which cover some critical areas of focus for 2020 year-...
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14 October 2020
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14 October 2020
Today, the FRC Lab has published a set of tips intended to help companies consider what content to include in a Section 172 statement, how to present it and how to facilitate the process of preparing the statement.
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13 October 2020
The accounting profession needs to prioritise increased diversity at the most senior levels of management with partners being the least diverse when it comes to gender, ethnicity and disability, according to recent data collected by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC). 
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8 October 2020
The FRC has today published a recording of the Webinar:Stewardship Code Early Reporting Review held on 30 September 2020. You can view the webinar here. Please find a link to The UK Stewardship Code Report of Early Reporting here.
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8 October 2020
A new FRC Lab report, Video In Corporate Reporting, considers how companies currently use video for communication to investors and stakeholders. The report includes examples of current practice and concludes that companies are missing an opportunity to engage investors and oth...
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8 October 2020
The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has today released a bold discussion paper proposing a future for corporate reporting based on a principles-based framework.  It outlines a blueprint for a more agile approach to corporate reporting which challenges existing thinking abou...
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6 October 2020
Disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has forced UK companies to radically change their approach to holding physical AGMs and embrace hybrid and virtual AGMs. However, it is paramount any longer lasting changes uphold the rights of shareholders according to a new review b...
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5 October 2020
The FRC became a signatory to Women in Finance Charter in 2018 and last month we provided an annual update to the Treasury on the commitments we made. We have made some progress.
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1 October 2020
The FRC has published its response to the IASB’s General Presentation and Disclosures Exposure Draft. 
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