FRC restructure creates new Market Intelligence and Digital Reporting Functions

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Published: 8 July 2024

The FRC announces today that following a strategic review of its economic analysis, data analysis, research and market monitoring functions, existing resources have been reorganised into two newly structured teams to enable delivery of better stakeholder outcomes across the FRC’s remit and regulatory scope. These two new functions are Market Intelligence and Insights led by Laura Warren, and Digital Reporting and Taxonomies led by Phil Fitz-Gerald. The work previously undertaken by FRC Lab on reporting and market insights will be absorbed into these new functions.

The Market Intelligence & Insights function, will focus on providing more comprehensive, evidence-based analysis and insights across the FRC’s policy development, monitoring and regulatory activities. Separately, the new Digital Reporting & Taxonomies function has been established, reflecting the importance of these rapidly evolving areas. It will focus on building the FRC’s knowledge and capability, improving the quality of digital reporting, and developing tools to support the reporting ecosystem.

I am pleased to announce the creation of these two new functions which bring together existing FRC strengths to drive even greater collaboration and harness expertise across the FRC to benefit of the stakeholders within our regulatory remit and scope. The core purpose of the Market Intelligence and Insights team is give the FRC an even stronger capability to understand the markets that are relevant to us and our impact on them. Complementing MII the Digital Reporting and Taxonomies team will enhance our thought leadership and policy work in the rapidly evolving digital reporting landscape.

Richard Moriarty, CEO, Financial Reporting Council

Listen to Laura Warren, incoming Director of the Market Intelligence & Insights function and Philip Fitz-Gerald, incoming Director of the Digital Reporting & Taxonomies, as they sit down to discuss the reason for the new functions, what work they'll undertake and how the functions will benefit both the FRC and its stakeholders in this latest in-conversation podcast.