Roundtable invitation: Assurance of Sustainability Reporting Market Study

News types: Consultation Announcement

Published: 3 May 2024

On the 21 March 2024, the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) announced the launch of a market study into the market for the assurance of sustainability reporting (sustainability assurance). The FRC invites stakeholders to take part in two focused roundtables as it seeks to understand the functions and development of the sustainability assurance market.

The market study will be focused on three themes:

  • Choice and competition – helping the FRC to understand if UK companies have sufficient choice of sustainability assurance provider.
  • Market capacity, opportunities and barriers to entry/expansion – helping the FRC to understand if there is sufficient capacity amongst suppliers to meet demand for sustainability assurance.
  • Regulatory framework – helping the FRC to understand companies’ appetite and capacity for regulatory developments in sustainability assurance.

The FRC will be hosting two roundtables to provide stakeholders with the opportunity to inform our findings and our broader approach to sustainability. In the lead-up to these roundtables, the FRC will provide further details and questions to prompt feedback from stakeholders.

Roundtable dates:

  • 5 June – 09:30-11:00 (In-person)
  • 12 June – 15:30-17:00 (In-person)
  • 27 June – 10:30-12:00 (Virtual)

If you would be interested in taking part in one of these roundtables, please email [email protected] specifying the roundtable date you would like to attend. To ensure the FRC receives a broad range of stakeholder perspectives, the FRC will limit each roundtable to one attendee per organisation.

Stakeholders can also submit written responses to the questions found in our invitation to comment until 13 June.

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