Wates Principles for large private companies

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Published: 5 February 2021

Today, Sir James Wates, Chairman of the Coalition group which introduced the Wates Principles for large private companies has issued an article which provides some insight into reporting against the Principles. Although not all reports have been assessed, some companies are demonstrating a broad spectrum of approaches. It was particularly encouraging to see that many companies are producing reports that are both accessible and comprehensive.

The article names a number of companies that have embraced the spirit of the Principles and reported in many ways that offer an insight into the governance of each company.  During 2021, the FRC will be overseeing a body of research with the intention of providing a more complete evidence base and promoting good practice reporting. It is hoped that companies are inspired by some of the good practice seen so far with many more applying the Wates Principles this year.

Here is a blog by Sir James Wates CBE with his toughts on the above article, Early Indicators of Wates Principles Reporting are promising