The FRC set technical actuarial standards, provide independent investigation and disciplinary hearings in public interest cases and oversee the IFoA’s regulation of the actuarial profession in the UK.

Actuarial (overview)

Learn about the FRC's role in standard setting and professional oversight of the Actuarial industry.

Technical Actuarial Standards

View the Technical actuarial Standards applicable in the UK.

Actuarial Standard Technical Memorandum: AS TM1

Actuarial Standard TM1 specifies the actuarial assumptions and methods to be used in the calculation of Statutory Money Purchase Illustrations (SMPIs).

Actuarial Statement Of Recommended Practice 1 (ASORP 1)

Actuarial Statement Of Recommended Practice 1 (ASORP 1) promotes high quality technical actuarial work.

Joint Forum on Acturial Regulation (JFAR)

The Joint Forum on Actuarial Regulation (JFAR) was established in 2013 and brought together senior actuarial representatives from the industry.

Actuarial Standards Archive

A listing of superseded Actuarial standards and guidance materials.