Technology and digital

Overview text for its page: Technology has the potential to rapidly change both how a company collects, produces and publishes its corporate information as well as how that reporting might be used. The Lab has undertaken projects on both the current and future impacts of technology and digitisation on corporate reporting.

Structured digital reporting - 2023 insights

This FRC Lab (Lab) insight report aims to assist companies with producing high-quality structured digital reports.

Structured digital reporting – Improving quality and usability

This FRC Lab report identifies lessons learnt from the first year of mandatory structured digital reporting under the TD ESEF regulation.

Structured reporting: an early implementation study

Under the Disclosure Guidance and Transparency Rules, certain companies are required to start producing their 2021 annual financial reports in a structured electronic format.

Virtual and Augmented Reality in corporate reporting

This report considers how virtual and augmented reality are and might be used to expand the scope and audience for corporate reporting.

Video in Corporate Reporting

This report considers how companies currently use video for communication to investors and stakeholders.

Artificial Intelligence and Corporate Reporting – how does it measure up?

This report explains what artificial intelligence is, where its use might make sense in corporate reporting, and explores some of the possible and current use cases for the technology.