Actuaries Actuarial Policy Joint Forum on Actuarial Regulation (JFAR)

Joint Forum on Actuarial Regulation (JFAR)

Who is JFAR?

The Joint Forum on Actuarial Regulation (JFAR) was established in 2013 and comprises the Financial Reporting Council, the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, the Financial Conduct Authority, the Pensions Regulator and the Prudential Regulation Authority. The JFAR is a unique collaboration between regulators to co-ordinate, within the context of its members’ objectives, the identification and analysis of public interest risks to which actuarial work is relevant.

What does JFAR do?

  • The JFAR is not another regulator.
  • It is a forum for the five regulators to meet and collaborate:
    • Share expertise;
    • Identify current and emerging issues;
    • Reduce risk of duplicating or conflicting actions;
    • Reduce risk of regulatory gaps or overlaps;
    • Increase knowledge through engagement with experts to brief it on topical matters;
    • Identify areas where the JFAR can help actuaries and/or users.
  • The JFAR terms of reference can be found here