FRC for you Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (the Act) was passed on 30 November 2000.  The Act:

  1. gives a general right of access to information held by public authorities, subject to the exemptions set out in the Act

  2. imposes an obligation on public authorities to produce and maintain a Publication Scheme approved by the Information Commissioner.  

The FRC is a public authority for part of its functions. Please see our Freedom of Information Policy (PDF) which explains in more detail the extent of our partial designation and how we will handle requests for information.  

Copyright statement

Unless otherwise stated, we own the copyright and any other rights in all material in this scheme. The FRC information may be reproduced in accordance with The Copyright Act 1988 and within Copyright Licensing Agency guidelines. Where information is reproduced, it must be reproduced accurately, not used in a misleading context and an appropriate acknowledgement must be inserted.

Permission to reproduce material does not extend to any material accessed through the Scheme that is in the copyright of third parties. You must obtain permission to reproduce such information from the copyright holder concerned.

Information made available under this Scheme must not be reproduced, copied or otherwise used for any commercial purposes.

Publications which can be accessed by the FRC website may be printed and downloaded on the conditions set out in the Copyright statement on the FRC website.