FRC for you The FRC Mission

The FRC Mission

Our mission is to promote transparency and integrity in business.

Successful companies support society by creating jobs, driving economic growth and helping the UK to prosper.  
The FRC works in the public interest to ensure a strong flow of investment into UK companies so they can grow and support society.  
We encourage well-run companies and high quality work by auditors, accountants and actuaries. This builds trust among investors around the world. 
We constantly monitor the quality of audits and company reports, and we act when we see misconduct or breaches of regulations. 


The UK’s standards for corporate governance and its regulatory framework are respected around the world and often copied. They are a large part of the reason why the UK is a magnet for global investment. 
The FRC works internationally to influence the development of standards in other countries and to promote the UK's strengths. 


Following the UK’s decision to leave the EU we are working to ensure accountants, auditors and actuaries in the UK are world-leading and the UK remains attractive to investors.

Our values

Our values underline how we behave and go about our work. They are:  
Effective – be outcomes focused, timely, adaptable, professional and seek continuous improvement. 
Fair – be proportionate, consistent, honest, trustworthy and act with integrity. 
Independent – be objective, impartial and transparent. 
Influential – be credible and accountable. Lead through participation and innovation.