Creating Positive Culture - podcast series

1st podcast
The 2018 UK Corporate Governance Code puts increased emphasis on corporate culture, purpose and values and. This first podcast in the series looks at the board's role in promoting those three elements, how directors can get more involved in culture assessment and monitoring, and what good practice should entail. In conversation David Styles, Director of Corporate Governance and Stewardship at the FRC with Vanda Murray, Chair at Yorkshire Water and Marshalls plc, SID at Bunzl plc and NED at the Manchester Airports Group.
2nd podcast
Internal Audit function can play a key role in culture assurance. This requires going beyond the traditional approach due to intangible nature of corporate culture. In this podcast Maureen Beresford, Head of Corporate Governance and the FRC and Anthony Kennedy, Director of Internal Audit at Lloyds Banking Group discuss how can companies go about it, the challenges to joining up dots on culture across the organisation and best practice to reporting in this area.
3rd podcast
In this last podcast of the series Rafal Budzinski, Senior Policy Associate at the FRC and Tracey Groves, the FRC’s Advisor, CEO of Intelligent Ethics and a Partner at StoneTurn discuss why companies should be paying attention to corporate purpose and ESG – both inherently related to culture, reporting in this area and the use of external advisors, as well as exploring what companies could improve.


Interview: Frances O'Grady, Secretary General of the TUC