Draft Plan and Budget 2024-25 consultation

Published: 15 December 2023

Response deadline: 26 January 2024

Consultation document
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Title FRC Plan and Budget 2024-25 draft for consultation
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The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has today launched a consultation on its plan and budget for 2024-25 which sets out its priorities and resources for next year.

As the FRC continues its work to restore public trust and confidence in audit, corporate reporting and governance, while embedding its remit to support UK economic growth and competitiveness, the draft plan sets out how it intends to deliver on its strategic priorities.

Given the delay to legislation which would have given the FRC a broader remit and new statutory powers, and a desire to avoid unnecessary increases in charges to levy payers, the FRC has decided to pause previously planned headcount growth for 2024-25. Headcount will remain flat compared to 2023-24 levels and previous plans for a 16% increase next year.

The draft plan also includes provision for the opening of a new FRC office in Birmingham city centre in late 2023-24. This forms part of the FRC’s commitment to building its presence outside London and supporting the government’s Places for Growth programme.

Overall, the 2024-25 combined budgeted cost of £72.0m for the FRC and the UKEB will be higher than the previous year (£66.3m) but 5% lower than was previously expected. The percentage change in our budget year on year broadly reflects the rate of inflation over the period.

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The feedback statement and final Plan and Budget were published on 25 March 2024.

Name Consultation on the FRC draft Plan and Budget 2024-25 Feedback statement
Publication date 25 March 2024
Type Feedback paper
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Name Financial Reporting Council: Plan and Budget 2024-25
Publication date 25 March 2024
Format PDF, 1.7 MB

Consultation status: closed