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FRC’s Eligibility Criteria for Statutory Auditors

Regulation 3(1) of SATCAR 2016 sets out the responsibilities of the Competent Authority. Regulation 3(1) (a) covers responsibility for oversight and Regulation 3(1) (g) the task of registration. Regulation 3(1) (f) covers the determination of criteria for the purpose of determining whether persons are eligible for appointment as statutory auditors. The determination of eligibility criteria is a task that has been retained by the FRC by agreement with the RSBs on the basis that it is sensible as Competent Authority that we retain the setting of the defining criteria for eligibility.

The Competent Authority has delegated the task of approving and registering individuals and firms to the Recognised Supervisory Bodies (RSBs) and has issued these Eligibility Criteria to set out the minimum requirements that the Registration Committees of the RSBs must apply.