Staff Guidance Notes

The FRC has prepared Staff Guidance Notes for the convenience of users of the FRC’s Ethical Standard and ISAs (UK).

These are intended to support practitioners when they make judgments on the application of standards. In addition to the Guidance Notes, a table providing a rolling record of issues raised with the FRC is also included which either sets out a response for each issued raised, or sets out the work that is currently in hand to allow the FRC to respond in due course.

These materials have been prepared following discussion of the issues at the FRC’s Audit Technical Advisory Group, which comprises representatives from audit firms and professional bodies, investors and audit committee chairs.


Auditor responsibilities under ISA (UK) 720 in respect of climate-related reporting by companies required by the Financial Conduct Authority


08/2021 – Addressing Exceptions In The Use of Data Analytics


SGN 01/2018 – The Auditor’s Provision of Restructuring Services to Public interest Entity Participants in Bank Lending or Bond Funded Syndicates

SGN 02/2018 - Group Guidance


SGN 01/2017 Services Linked to Financing, Capital Structure and Allocation and Investment Strategy of the Audited Entity 

SGN 02/2017: Explaining to what extent the audit was considered capable of detecting irregularities

SGN 03/2017: Materiality and Other Information


SGN 01/2016      Provision of non-audit services to non-EU subsidiaries

SGN 02/2016      Playing any part in management or decision making 

SGN 03/2016      Period of engagement 

SGN 04/2016      Power of attorney

SGN 05/2016      Prohibited tax services

Rolling Record of Actions

Audit Technical Advisory Group: rolling record of actions raised table