Getting a Better Framework

The FRC is contributing to IASB’s work to develop its Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting by working in partnership with EFRAG and the national accounting standard-setters of France, Germany and Italy under the title “Getting a Better Framework”. 

The aim of the partnership is to facilitate the participation of European constituents in the critical debate for the future of IFRS, to ensure ultimately that the revised conceptual framework will be widely supported and provide a basis that can assist in the production of high quality and effective financial reporting standards.

The partnership’s approach to its work is summarised in Getting a Better Framework: Our Strategy (PDF).  

Bulletins in the Getting a Better Framework series are:

Prudence (PDF)

Uncertainty (PDF)

Accountability and the Objective of Financial Reporting (PDF)

The Asset/Liability Approach (PDF)

Reliability of Financial Information (PDF)

Role of the Business Model in Financial Reporting (PDF)

The Role of a Conceptual Framework (PDF)

Complexity (PDF)