IFASS and Work with Other Bodies

The FRC works with other bodies where appropriate. These include IFASS (International Forum of Accounting Standard Setters, previously National Standard Setters (NSS)),  which is an informal group of organisations that are committed to working, in the public interest, for the improvement of financial reporting, and EFRAG, which advises on IFRS in Europe.

The International Forum Accounting Standard Setters (IFASS) meets twice a year. Recent reports may be downloaded below:

IFASS Report March 2019 (PDF)
IFASS Report October 2018 (PDF)

IFASS Report April 2018 (PDF)
IFASS Report September 2017 (PDF)
IFASS Report March 2017 (PDF)
IFASS Report September 2016 (PDF)
IFASS Report April 2016 (PDF)
IFASS Report September 2015 (PDF)
IFASS Report March 2015 (PDF)
IFASS Report Sept October 2014 (PDF)
IFASS Report March 2014 (PDF)
IFASS Report September 2013 (PDF)
IFASS Report April 2013 (PDF)
IFASS Report October 2012 (PDF)
NSS Report March 2012 (on www.aasb.gov.au.)
NSS Report September 2011 (PDF)
NSS Report March 2011 (PDF)
NSS Report September 2010 (PDF)
NSS Report April 2010 (PDF)
NSS Report September 2009 (PDF)
NSS Report April 2009 (PDF)
NSS Report September 2008 (PDF)
NSS Report March 2008 (PDF)