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Appointment Committee

The role of the Appointment Committee

In accordance with the AEP Tribunal and Appeal Tribunal Terms of Reference and the Actuarial and Accountancy Schemes, the FRC's People Committee have appointed four individuals to form an Appointment Committee. All members of the Appointment Committee are independent from the FRC Board, Conduct Committee and Executive Counsel and are responsible for appointing members of the FRC Tribunal Panel.

Current recruitment exercises

The Appointment Commitee are seeking to appoint two new accountant members and two new actuary members to the Tribunal Panel for terms starting 1 September 2021. Applications close on 26 April 2021. Please see below for the role information pack, which includes details on how to apply.

FRC Tribunal Panel members (Actuary member job information pack 2021)
FRC Tribunal Panel members (Accountant member job information pack 2021)

Microsoft Forms Online application form

Terms of Reference

The responsibilities of the Appointment Committee are set out in the Committee's Terms of Reference.