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The FRC exercises its regulatory responsibilities in a proportionate and evidence-based way, informed by the expertise of market participants - company directors, accountants, actuaries and investors.  As the UK's independent regulator it focuses on promoting high levels of audit quality and contributes to the international debate on the future of the audit market.  It promotes high quality corporate reporting and governance, publishing Codes and Standards that companies, auditors, actuaries and accountants adopt.  The goal of the FRC's work is to foster a climate in which investment can flourish.

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To foster the conditions for sustainable long term investment it is vital that the market has confidence in the quality of corporate governance and st... read more >
The Conduct division encompasses the FRC’s monitoring, oversight, investigative and disciplinary functions. read more >
The FRC consults regularly with market participants and other interested parties to ensure its interventions are properly evidence based, correct a ma... read more >
The FRC is an effective, accountable and independent regulator, actively helping to shape UK, and to influence EU and global, approaches to corporate... read more >
The FRC often responds to external consultations that fall within its remit. You can find below a full list of FRC responses to external consultations... read more >
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