Working with the UK Endorsement Board

Working with the UK Endorsement Board

During the establishment of the Endorsement Board, BEIS and FRC will put in place mechanisms to oversee the work of the Endorsement Board staff when developing advice for consideration by the Secretary of State. This will include assessment of new IASB amendments against the endorsement criteria in the Regulations, outreach to UK stakeholders to gather evidence, and making the draft Endorsement Criteria Assessment available for public comment.  The input received, together with the views of the FRC’s Corporate Reporting Council, will be used to finalise the Endorsement Criteria Assessment.  It will then be submitted to the Secretary of State for formal adoption.  The FRC will also publish a Feedback Statement summarising the main comments received and explain how they were incorporated in the final advice.

During the setup of the UK Endorsement Board the FRC will use these pages to inform and update interested parties on activities regarding this process.

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IFRS17 Webinar Presentation

IFRS 17 Presentation.

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