Public UKEB Board Meeting | UK Endorsement Board

Public UKEB Board Meeting


The next UK Endorsement Board meeting will be held at 11:45 hrs on 9 May 2022.


The agenda items for discussion are as follows:


IFRS 17 – Adoption Decision






3.0 IFRS 17 – Adoption of IFRS 17 


Members of the public wishing to observe this meeting must complete the registration form.


If you are unable to register to observe this meeting, a recording will be made available on our website.


The agenda and papers will also be available to view directly via the UKEB website as soon as a current technical issue on the website has been resolved. The technical issue is being addressed as a priority.


Also, whilst the technical issue is being resolved you can view the summary of the 21 April public Board meeting at the following link:


UKEB Public Board Meeting - Summary