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30 September 2019
Revised Going Concern Standard
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27 September 2019
The FRC has published the latest list of companies whose reports and accounts have been reviewed by its Corporate Reporting Review function.
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26 September 2019
Transparency reporting by accountancy firms performing audits is currently ineffective with a lack of awareness amongst investors and Audit Committee Chairs that the reports even exist and many being used as a marketing exercise, according to a review from the Financial Report...
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25 September 2019
The Financial Reporting Lab (Lab) has published its latest project report: Disclosures on the sources and uses of cash.
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24 September 2019
“In light of recent developments at Thomas Cook we are considering whether there is any case for investigation and enforcement action as a matter of urgency and in cooperation with the Insolvency Service.”
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23 September 2019
A new monitoring scheme to monitor and promote the quality of actuarial work has been launched by the IFoA
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20 September 2019
Disciplinary Tribunal hearing of a Formal Complaint under the Accountancy Scheme in respect of Deloitte LLP and ICAEW members Richard Knights and Nigel Mercer concerning Autonomy Corporation plc 
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16 September 2019
To assist with preparations for the UK's exit from the EU, the FRC is writing to Audit Committee Chairs and Finance Directors setting out some of the generic actions companies should consider in advance of the UK’s exit. 
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9 September 2019
Sir Win Bischoff, Chair of the FRC, spoke about respect, trust and challenge in the context of corporate governance and culture, at the Governance Institute of Australia's National Conference, which was held in Sydney.
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6 September 2019
The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has today published its annual report for 2018/19 setting out its progress against commitments to tackle poor-quality audit work, boost Enforcement resourcing and improve the quality of reporting.   
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