News November 2019 Help us shape the FRC Website for the future!

Help us shape the FRC Website for the future!

13 November 2019

As part of our committment to improve, we are reaching out to all our subscribers to ask you to let us know YOUR thoughts on the FRC website!
We'd like to know such  things as;
  • What you use it for.

  • How often do you visit?

  • What you like & don't like about it!

  • And just a few other key questions... 

All in all , we are asking for just a few moments of your time (about 5 mins) to help us shape our website, so we can better serve you & make it easier to navigate, improve the quality of content and generally make the FRC website a more engaging place to visit!

If you are happy to fill in our simple form (which is completely anonymous) please click here.

Thank you, in advance.

The FRC Website & Communications Team.

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