News March 2020 Auditor Reporting Bulletins

Auditor Reporting Bulletins

30 March 2020
The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has today issued the following updated bulletins as guidance for auditors preparing a range of reports – the updates are to align with the revised auditing standards issued in December 2019:
  • Bulletin: Illustrative Statutory Auditors Reports on United Kingdom private sector financial statements  – To assist auditors preparing statutory auditors reports for UK private sector financial statements. This bulletin replaces the FRC’s previous publication, Bulletin: Compendium of illustrative auditor’s reports on United Kingdom private sector financial statements. 
  • Bulletin: Auditor’s Reports on Revised Accounts – To assist auditors in preparing reports on a company’s revised accounts and reports. This bulletin replaces the extant version.
  • Bulletin: Miscellaneous Companies Act Reports – To assist auditors in preparing Companies Act 2006 reports that are required to be completed by a registered auditor. This bulletin replaces the extant version.
In addition to guidance relating to the auditing standards and relevant laws and regulations, these bulletins include illustrative reports that auditors may adapt and tailor to their specific reporting circumstances. The FRC supports profession-led innovation in auditor reporting which promotes audit quality as well as transparent and accessible reports for users of the audited financial statements.

A link to the updated bulletins can be found here


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