News August 2021 Draft FRC taxonomies 2022 suite issued for comment

Draft FRC taxonomies 2022 suite issued for comment

27 August 2021

The draft FRC taxonomies 2022 suite has been issued on the Yeti taxonomy viewer for comment.

Feedback via the commenting tool, can be provideed no later than 16 September 2021. After comments have been considered a final version of the taxonomy suite is planned to be released on 8 October 2021.

A guide to the commenting tool is available here. In addition to the opportunity to comment on Yeti, a questionnaire has been released with the suite to stimulate interest in relation to the updates. It can be accessed here.

Key updates

The suite is updated for all the taxonomies including the UKSEF, Charities and Irish extension. The SECR taxonomy has been included in all of the taxonomies except for the Irish extension. In addition, the taxonomy now supports a Welsh label linkbase. TCFD disclosures in the SECR have been augmented to allow for more detailed tagging. HMRC’s Detailed Profit & Loss (DPL) taxonomy extension is now part of the Directors’ Report.

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