News - 2012

17 December 2012 - New Project: Audit Committee Reports

The FRC's Financial Reporting Lab is calling for listed companies and investors/analysts to participate in a new project on the reporting of Audit Committees in annual reports. This project is an opportunity for companies to better understand what it is that the investment community wants to see reported by Audit Committees, in light of both new and existing aspects of the UK Corporate Governance Code and Guidance to Audit Committees, and for investors and analysts to voice their views. The call for participation can be found below:

Opportunity for companies to test ‘Audit Committee Reports (PDF)

26 November 2012 - 2012 Lab Survey

The FRC’s Financial Reporting Lab (the Lab) was launched just over a year ago to facilitate improvements in the effectiveness of corporate reporting in the UK.

To ensure that the Lab’s work remains focused on issues important to the reporting community, feedback is requested from all participants in reporting, including companies and their advisors, auditors, representative / professional bodies and investors and analysts, in response to a short survey.  Answering these questions should not take more than a few minutes, and will provide us with valuable information to guide future projects and activities of the Lab.

Please click on the following link to answer the questions online:

We would be most grateful to you for taking the time to do this, and ask that you do so by Friday 7th December.  Please also feel free to forward this request to anyone else you feel may have an interest in providing views.

22 November 2012 - First Year Event

On 22 November the Lab marked its first year with an event held at the ICAEW. Over 100 participants from the reporting community heard the experience of several company and investor participants in completed Lab projects and provided input on current and future projects through which the Lab will help to encourage further improvements in corporate reporting. To see the materials prepared for this event, click here (PDF).

6 November 2012 - Project Reports: Debt and Cash Flow Disclosures

The FRC published two Financial Reporting Lab project reports on 'Debt and maturity tables' and 'Operating and investing cash flows'.

FRL project reports:
Debt terms and maturity tables - November 2012 (PDF)
Operating and investing cash flows - November 2012 (PDF)

Press Notice: FRC publishes Lab reports 

1 November 2012 - New Project: Remuneration Reporting 

The Financial Reporting Lab is seeking help from listed companies to develop example formats of proposed disclosures on remuneration which - as with its previous project on this topic -  will help to shape the new remuneration reporting regulations being introduced by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

Opportunity for companies to test BIS’ proposed remuneration reporting regulations with the investment community (PDF)

17 September 2012 - Project Report: Net Debt Reconciliations

The Financial Reporting Lab published its project report on net debt reconciliation

FRL project report: Net debt reconciliations (PDF)

Press Notice: FRC publishes Lab report on 'Net debt reconciliations'

21 June 2012 - Project Report: A single figure for remuneration

The Financial Reporting Lab published its project report on a single figure for remuneration.

FRL project report: A single figure for remuneration (PDF)

Press Notice: FRC publishes report on 'A single figure for remuneration'

30 March 2012 - New Project: Remuneration Reporting

The Financial Reporting Lab published an update on its project on remuneration reporting.

FRL project report: Financial Reporting Lab: Opportunity to test a single figure (PDF)