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Irish Extension Taxonomy

An Irish extension of the 2019 taxonomy suite was released by the FRC on 28 May 2019 for the electronic tagging of Irish accounts to support the Irish Revenue Commissioners’ requirement for iXBRL financial statements as part of the Corporation Tax return. The Irish extension aims to bridge the financial reporting differences between the UK and Ireland and users are invited to contact j.guest@frc.org.uk if they note any issues with the extension. In addition, the extension includes the Detailed Profit and Loss within each of the entry points for FRS 101, FRS 102 and EU IFRS, which will allow users to tag a Detailed Profit and Loss account and provide values for the mandatory items required in submissions to the Irish Revenue Commissioners.
The Irish Revenue Commissioners expect to accept submissions using the Irish extension from 17 June 2019. Please refer to the Irish Revenue Commissioners’ iXBRL page for further information.

Irish Extension Taxonomy (zip file)

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