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Data Protection Policy

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) collects and processes certain types of personal information as a necessary part of carrying out its responsibilities and administering its operations. Such information is subject to applicable data protection legislation.

It maintains technical and other security arrangements to safeguard personal information and its website contains a statement on how it deals with such information collected through the site.

Such personal information is subject to certain rights of access by the individuals to whom it relates.

Our data protection and individual rights access policies are available here:

Any such requests in respect of personal information held by the FRC should be addressed, in writing, to foia@frc.org.uk or to:
The Company Secretary
Financial Reporting Council
8th Floor, 125 London Wall
and should include details of the context in which you believe the FRC is holding the information you seek. This will help us identify it and respond to requests as quickly as possible.

Data Protection legislation includes exemptions from the right of access. The FRC will take these into account in considering requests and this may result in withholding all or part of the information requested.

The FRC may charge for meeting access requests.