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Clear & Concise

The FRC’s Clear & Concise initiative is a programme of activities aimed at ensuring that annual reports provide relevant information for investors.  We believe that this initiative is a key step towards higher quality corporate reporting.

We recognise that there is increasing regulatory pressure being placed upon companies. With that in mind, this initiative is part of our continuing efforts to address some of the common criticisms about the quality of communication in annual reports such as the use of boilerplate or disclosure of immaterial information.

What is Clear & Concise reporting?
  • Clear & Concise reporting is not a new reporting requirement – our aim is to promote good communication in corporate reporting.
  • Clear & Concise is about improving accessibility of relevant information for investors.
  • The terms 'clear' and 'concise' are simply principles of good communication. Clear & Concise reporting is an overarching principle that encompasses a number of characteristics of high quality corporate reporting.
Building on ‘cutting clutter’
  • Some associate cutting clutter with taking a ‘red pen’ to annual reports or a one off activity.
  • Clear & Concise builds on our cutting clutter agenda.
  • Cutting clutter is positioned as a key thread of the Clear & Concise initiative.
Calls to action 

One of the aims of the Clear & Concise initiative is to change behaviour relating to financial reporting. The FRC calls for action by all those involved in the financial reporting process to focus on:
  • Communication;
  • Placement of information; and
  • Materiality.
The Clear & Concise initiative brings together activities from across the FRC. These include:
  • Narrative reporting the FRC’s Guidance on the Strategic Report was the first in the series of initiatives. The Guidance encourages companies to be innovative when drafting their annual reports and reinforces the importance of materiality. This includes considering the placement of information to facilitate effective communication. Further details on Accounting and Reporting Policy Team projects relating to Clear & Concise can be accessed here.
  • Influencing those setting disclosure requirements in Europe and internationally.
Current work programme: Clear & Concise reporting 
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