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  • Latest News - Corporate culture key to sustainable growth

    This is a result of the findings of the Culture Coalition's work
  • The FRC promotes high quality corporate governance and reporting to foster investment.

    Timely, relevant and trustworthy information about company performance, prospects and board behaviour helps attract capital to UK companies.
  • The FRC sets and promotes high standards in accounting, auditing and actuarial practice.

    We oversee the conduct of the professionals involved.
  • The FRC's culture is open and collaborative.

    We embrace diversity and provide equality of opportunities for our staff
  • Smaller quoted companies should continue to report under IFRS for consistency and comparability agree respondents

    The FRC summarises the feedback to its report on the quality of reporting by smaller quoted companies.
28 Jul 2016
The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has launched investigations under the Accountancy Scheme and t... > read more
27 Jul 2016
The FRC has today published a revised version of the UK Audit Firm Governance Code. > read more
26 Jul 2016
Stephen Haddrill comments on the findings of the final report of the Executive Remuneration Working ... > read more
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